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Our passion and expertise for developing signature hotels reaches far beyond the construction phase. We are the architects and engineers for our new partners starting from scratch, but we are also the full-spectrum business development and management specialists for our partners with existing hotels seeking to enhance their hospitality operations.
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Beyond the Workplace

We take our values and culture beyond the workplace and into the community. Named from The Lake Isle of Innisfree poem, THE HIVE is our outreach program and was created for our team to be leaders in doing good for the world. By accepting the notion of corporate social responsibility, we allocate resources to impact-focused projects that enrich the community. Our Triple Bottom Line is People, Planet, Prosperity, so having a positive impact on our community is a major factor in how we measure success.


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Innisfree is a modern hospitality company driving change in both our communities and industries. We are committed to delivering exceptional service, guest satisfaction and return on investment since 1985. We embrace our motto of ‘creating fun, me- morable experiences,’ while cultivating innovation and excellence in everything we do.
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What makes the folks who work at Innisfree Hotels tick? The list is endless, but it all boils down to two things - people and experiences.

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Our Pillars

Our Three Pillars

If there’s one thing that hasn’t changed over the years, it’s simply that everything starts with people. And that’s why we place so much emphasis on cultivating great experiences for our employees, partners, and guests.


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Learn more about what makes Innisfree Hotels more than just the leader in resort property management.  From our work in the community and improving the environment to property expansion and leadership, you'll find what makes a company for good right here.

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Innisfree Hotels is a hotel company delivering exceptional service, guest satisfaction and return on investment since 1985.

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