We are excited to announce that Anthony Eman, assistant manager at the Holiday Inn Resort in Fort Walton Beach, has been awarded the position of general manager at the very same hotel.

Eman, who has been with Innisfree Hotels since 2006, admits to some level of surprise.

“I never thought I would be a manager,” he says. “Let alone a general manager. When I first started in the business, I was in college trying to be a teacher. Now, I am a general manager.”

But Anthony certainly didn’t start out in management. He had to work his way to the top. Tackling jobs anywhere from a room service attendant to head sushi chef, Anthony has truly done it all in the hospitality arena. As it turns out, he had some help along the way.

“Terry Branch is a great mentor,” he says. “He knew I had a food and beverage background, so he focused on teaching me other things to help develop me and pushed me every day.”

And the Innisfree pool of mentors is vast.

“Gina and Sherri were also great teachers,” he says. “They made sure to push me every step of the way to make sure I consistently tried to do whatever I was doing better.”

As a general manager, Anthony hopes that he can return the favor.

“I’m excited to pass along all the great things my mentors have taught me,” says Anthony. “I am truly blessed and thankful for the opportunities that Innisfree has provided for me. I hope to continue the path and keep growing with the company.”

Congratulations to Anthony on his well-deserved promotion!