Family Loyalty to Innisfree Hotels

Hailing from Philadelphia, Mississippi, Richard and Candee Beckham are the proud parents of three children – William, 14, John Cross, 13, and Ellie, 11.

Dad works for the union for Sprinkler Fitters, and Mom is an RN for hospice care. He travels for work often, staying at IHG properties all over the country, an average of 200 nights a year.

 The Beckhams have long vacationed in Pensacola, choosing to stay at the Holiday Inn Resort on Pensacola Beach since 2012. Richard and Candee’s work schedules allow them to stay multiple times throughout the summer and fall. As of June 2017, the Beckhams have logged 70 check-ins at our Holiday Inn Resort alone. 

“When they are here, the kids are a constant source of fun and entertainment, befriending members of the staff in Maintenance, Front Desk, Food & Beverage and the pool deck, even assisting in handing out towels at the towel hut!” shares John Corsair, Bar Manager, who told us about this special family. 

He continues: “Candee and Richard are always a source of good mannered fun for all of the staff as well, as they make sure to spend time with those of us who have made a lasting impression on them.”

John says the Beckhams will even bring or send gifts for birthdays or newborn celebrations and special events like school graduations for employees they’ve known a long time, and the hotel always receives a Beckham family Christmas card. (Wonder if they’ve ever featured a photo from their time here on Pensacola Beach …)

The Beckham children often choose to spend their birthdays at the Holiday Inn Resort, which allows the staff to show just how hospitable our family of hotels can be. They surprise and delight the kids with balloons, cards and treats to make them feel extra special on their special day.

According to John, the family has often said that it’s not just the location, but the warm and almost family-like bond they get with the employees that keeps them coming back.

“They are a prime example of just how rewarding hospitality can be, as we continue to make this loving, generous and all-around fun family have the most amazing vacation at one of the best places on earth,” he says.

The kids have practically grown up on our pool deck. Here’s a photo of the family today:

John recently caught up with the Beckhams to get some first-hand insight to what keeps them coming back, time and time again.

How did you first discover the Holiday Inn Pensacola Beach?

We used to go to the Holiday Inn Express down the road from the resort, and then we discovered you guys. We decided to give it a try, and we haven’t looked back.

What sets this hotel apart from other destinations that you have visited?

The Holiday Inn Resort Pensacola Beach is so family-friendly, and the location is perfect for us. There is so much for the kids to do there, from playing with the pirates, swimming with the mermaids, playing ping-pong and the poolside ‘Dive Inn’ movie. Each year it seems the hotel adds new activities, and as our kids get older there is always something different for them to do at the hotel. Most other hotels do not offer so many activities for the kids, and the fact that the HIR Pensacola Beach seems to put kids first is a huge deal for parents. The food is unbelievable and the tiki bar is one of the best that we have ever visited on any beach … from Key West to California and Hawaii. You just can’t beat the view and hospitality.

What keeps your family coming back?

The hotel is like our summer home. The staff is like our extended family, and they treat us like family. There are not many places that you could go where everybody remembers your entire family’s names, and they make a point to greet you when you arrive and go out of their way to make sure your stay is always better than the last. We think so much of everybody that works there and actually stay in touch with a lot of the staff throughout the year, even when we aren’t at the hotel. We have developed several great friendships from our stays at the resort, and we don’t look at the staff as hotel employees but as our friends that just happen to have a great job on the beach, where we get to come visit them.

– Ashley Kahn Salley

Lead Storyteller, Innisfree Hotels