It’s been part of the Innisfree culture to promote from within, so it’s our honor and privilege to announce six exciting new promotions.

Jasmine Hunt, currently the Assistant General Manager at Holiday Inn Resort Pensacola Beach, will be taking the reins as General Manager at the Holiday Inn Express Orange Beach. The University of West Florida alumna is grateful for the opportunity.

“It is a huge honor to have a company like Innisfree believe in you enough to put you in this position,” she says. “I am humbled to have so many people around me rooting for me to succeed and the support to do so.”

Jasmine feels well-prepared for the new challenges and she attributes much of it to her time at the Holiday Inn.

“Ron has always pushed me to be the best and given me a chance to prove myself with each role,” she says. “I am also lucky to have such great colleagues to learn from.”

We know what you’re thinking — if Jasmine is the new Holiday Inn Express Orange Beach Manager, what happens to Lori? Lori Gordon will be the new General Manager at the Hilton Garden Inn Orange Beach. According to Lori, she’s always looking for the next challenge.

“I am extremely goal oriented and always have my eye on the finish line,” she says. “Even if I don’t really know what that finish line looks like, I’m looking ahead.”

And she too attributes much of her success to those around her.

“I am extremely grateful to my peers and my counterparts because, without them, there is no way that I would have made it the past three years,” she says. “They always pushed me and challenged me to be better.”

Okay … now WHAT about Josh Herron?! Josh will be ascending to the Corporate Office and will become Innisfree’s newest Bench Manager.

“When they approached me about transitioning to this new position, my immediate response was a fear and excitement,” he says. “Fear that I had to now hand over this hotel, my baby for the last number of years that I’ve seen go through significant changes with both the building renovation and personnel changes, and excitement that I would be able to tackle projects that hopefully can really help the company and have an impact on people’s lives.”

Josh hopes to bring something new to the table at the Corporate level.

“I hope I can bring some creative thought processes and analytical skills to the table to help this company tackle challenges.”

Not to be outdone, Carolanne Savage will be taking over as General Manager at the Hyatt Place. This switch conjured up some mixed emotions.

“I love my family at the Travelodge, so I am sad to not be working with them every day,” she says. “I know they are going to be in good hands and I look forward to hearing about their new adventures with Amanda and Stephanie.”

But she’s optimistic for what the future will bring.

“I am super excited about a new challenge and I am definitely excited about my getting to know my new team at the Hyatt,” she says.

Don’t call it a comeback — Amanda Donaldson will be returning to the Travelodge on Pensacola Beach as General Manager.

“Travelodge is kind of like home for me,” she says. “I was there for 12 years. I’m excited to see what Carolanne and her team have done since I’ve been gone.”

The Operations team is poised to welcome their newest member, Innisfree’s very own Katie Kirchharr. According to Katie, this switch was a welcome one.

“I have wanted to work with the Operations department for a while and now I have that opportunity,” she says.

Katie is looking forward to a more personal connection to the properties.

“I hope this new opportunity gives me a chance to reach out and touch our teammates on a property level,” she says. “I’m really excited to be part of the Operations team on a regular basis.”

We would also like to take this opportunity to announce our newest Financial Analyst, Cyndi Omer. As someone who recently worked for a CPA firm, Cyndi is making her debut in the hospitality industry.

“This is a totally new experience for me,” she says. “But I’m definitely looking forward to a new opportunity and challenge. I am already loving the Innisfree atmosphere.”

Please join us in congratulating all of these talented members of the Innisfree family!