On October 24th, 2018, Jason Nicholson, our Vice President of Operations, was honored as a speaker at the Annual Visit Pensacola Luncheon. Jason, the Chairman of the Visit Pensacola Board, tapped his gavel one last time.

The event was wall-to-wall with big names in both hospitality and tourism in the Pensacola area, including many from the Innisfree Hotels camp.

“I want to thank my Innisfree team,” says Jason. “I have had the privilege of working alongside some amazing hospitality professionals for the past 23 years.”

According to Jason, working at Innisfree Hotels empowers him to make a difference in the local community through tourism.

“I want to thank Julian MacQueen and his wife Kim who, quite frankly, grant us the time at Innisfree to do things that are impactful to our community and to make our quality of life better so we can share that quality of life with others,” he says. “And if we benefit from that through profits, that’s a good thing, too. And then further if we can then turn those profits into helping grow the community, we can build better communities.”

Jason held similar sentiments toward the Visit Pensacola team.

“I want to thank the staff at Visit Pensacola,” he says. “How you carry so many projects and initiatives to their finality with great success and class. How you’re all places at all times, but still in your office. Thank you. It really means a lot for the work that you all have done and the professionalism you have shared with me.”

Jason was awarded a golden gavel plaque to commemorate his time as Chairman. An avid aviator, he also received an aeronautical chart of Pensacola from the President of Visit Pensacola, Steve Hayes.

Robert Overton, the former Vice-Chairman, will be taking over as Chairman of the Visit Pensacola Board.