Our Hive is a busy place to do good in the world and connect with each other. If you’ve never joined a Hive event or activity, now is the time.

Did you know Innisfree Hotels team members enjoy 24 hours of paid volunteer time per calendar year? There are loads of opportunities to take advantage of this generous program, under the umbrella of our Hive.

This is about discovering what is meaningful to you. There are many ways to give back to your community, so we encourage you to make it a priority. Maybe you want to volunteer for an animal rescue, a food pantry or a hospital.

This is a really big deal, so give it some thought. Not many companies allow their employees to take time off to volunteer … let alone pay them to do it! Talk to your GM. As schedules permit, you can even make this a team building activity with your property.

GMs and other Innisfree leaders, we encourage you and your team to make a list of great organizations and charities in your community that could benefit from volunteerism. Individual team members will also enjoy broad flexibility to select projects that are important to you.

For those local to the Pensacola area, you may consider volunteering your time to a Hive project of significance, including Independence for the Blind, Dixon School of the Arts, University of West Florida, From the Ground Up Community Garden and Luna Fine Art Gallery at the Hilton Pensacola Beach. To work on one of these projects, please check the Innisfree website or reach out to Chief Marketing Officer Jill Thomas at jill@innisfreehotels.com. (Note: This is only a suggestion, not a requirement.)

A few guidelines:

  • This program is available to full-time team members.

  • You must volunteer with a recognized 501(c)3 charity. (Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis.)

  • You must submit the request form to Dayforce for approval two weeks before the date you wish to volunteer.

  • Approval must be granted by your manager, who should notify our in-house marketing agency so we can promote your great work and include it in our yearly report.

How to request volunteer time:

As we are trying to go paperless, team members may request their paid volunteer hours via DayForce. The information related to the organization and the specific project for which the team members are volunteering can be entered into the Employee Comment section. Once approved, the GM will notify CMO Jill Thomas.

We really want to see all the good you are doing, so please post pictures in Jostle, or text Jill or send them by carrier pigeon. We want to know about your volunteer activities so we can share your stories with the Innisfree family … online, at FYI and in the Hive Annual Report.

We look forward to seeing all the ways our team members give back to the communities we serve!